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In addition to serving agents, Placester also offers real estate broker websites with pages and tools designed for teams of all sizes. We searched the internet to find the best Placester-certified agents and firms. Here are our favorite Placester real estate broker websites especially for Real Estate Brokers Near Me.

The Cape House Team: Katie is a 12-year veteran real estate agent who has established a strong brand in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It also features a beautiful design, built with Placester’s. Our newest template for REALTOR(r), Katie’s website feels personal and makes visitors feel as if they are actually meeting her. Katie’s website is a great way to grab attention in a world where people are constantly trying to filter out the fake news to find the real deal. One of the best to find Real Estate Brokers Near Me as part of our list.

Highlights from the website:

  • “The Cape House Show,” a vlog (or video blog) full of great local information for buyers and sellers on Cape Cod.
  • Katie organizes the Cape House Dog Club monthly meetup for dog owners in different areas of Cape Town.

Branchout Realty
You can find information about your market online. If you provide valuable and unique information about your market, potential buyers may discover you via search engines first and rely on you to be a local expert. Branchout Realty, Boston, MA, has created this website. This one has detailed community pages. To help customers identify potential areas of interest or homes that are available for purchase in those areas. Branchout uses these pages for lead capture to convert interested visitors into potential clients.

Branchout Realty uses Placester’s Newbury real-estate website template. They’ve customized it to suit their brand and business.

Website Highlights

  • An active blog with posts promoting notable listings and open houses, as well as local events and attractions.
  • This page outlines the company’s real-estate marketing strategy for potential customers.

BrickHouse Properties
Clay Thomas and BrickHouse Properties team begin to see the value of their website as a result of their company logo. The roofline, chimney, and silhouette of the wolf tell a story about the Kentucky property they specialize in. The site’s main navigation also expands on this theme by allowing users to drill down to listings in Lexington, Georgetown, Frankfurt, and other Kentucky cities.

The BrickHouse team uses Placester’s Beacon real estate website template, which they’ve personalized to fit their brand and business.

Highlights from the website:

  • The site’s homepage features beautiful images of heroes that reflect a unique setting in central Kentucky.
  • A unique about page offers statistics on the results BrickHouse gets for their clients.

Ormsby Real Estate
Placester customers such as Orsmby Real Estate, Lake Tahoe, CA, have a partnership with Website Design Firm BrandCo to use Placester to build unique websites that stand out from their competitors. BrandCo’s design is used by the Ormsby team to showcase Lake Tahoe’s beautiful greenery and mountains. One of the best companies as part of the list to find Real Estate Brokers Near Me.

Highlights from the website:

  • A page about Ormsby provides detailed information about the team.
  • The rentals page showcases the company’s most notable and recent rental properties.
  • These pre-filtered search pages offer a wide range of property types and towns.

Dampier Group
Placester, in addition to our partnership with BrandCo has partnered with Keller Williams to provide every associate with a modern website for real estate. This partnership has allowed the Dampier Group, a Keller Williams company, to create a new site for Columbian consumers.

The Dampier Group uses Placester’s Wilshire real estate website template, which includes a full-width image slideshow on the homepage. They have customized the images to highlight landmarks and urbanscapes in their market.

Highlights from the website:

  • The Dampier Group’s home value page allows them to target and capture potential real estate sellers leads.
  • Listing search on the Dampier Group’s site is easy with area pages like this one.

Atoka Properties
You don’t just need a great website. It is only one piece of the puzzle. Blake Showalter and Atoka Properties have taken this advice into consideration and created a blog that is full of listings, buyer- and seller resources, as well as local guides. This content allows Blake to compete against Zillow, other portals, and for valuable search terms on Google. One of the best companies as part of the list to find Real Estate Brokers Near Me.

Atoka Properties uses Placester’s Highland REALTOR(r) website template, customizing it with their own brand colors and logos.

Highlights from the website:

  • Atoka Properties has an extensive team directory that highlights every single agent that works in their brokerage.
  • You can view all Atoka Properties listings on their website.
  • Links to virtual tours of various listings from Atoka Properties are provided on a property videos page.

Alexander Real Estate
This website is simple, elegant, and informative. It’s from Alexander Real Estate in Royal Oak, MI. Placester’s Plymouth The Alexander team’s real estate website template features the well-designed logo and several striking slideshow images taken from the company’s listings. Best sites to find Real Estate Brokers Near Me.

Highlights from the website:

  • Alexander Associates have all eight headshots, bios and contact information.
  • The company offers a glowing testimonial from a satisfied client, complete with social sharing buttons and a contact form.

Select Realty Group
Barbara Woyak and her team created a trusted resource for buyers and sellers in Scottsdale, AZ, using Placester’s Madison template for real estate websites. It is packed with great local content including a blog and pages for each luxury community in her market.

Highlights from the website:

  • A “Around Scottsdale” page provides a comprehensive guide to the city with lots of photos, links and descriptions of local attractions, parks, tour companies, and other information.
  • Select Realty Group’s MVP Program offers past and current clients incentives for submitting referrals, including monthly gift offerings, exclusive offers, and fun events.

Castle Hills Real Estate
Video is one of the most powerful tools. In real estate marketing many agents still have difficulty breaking into this medium. Castle Hills Real Estate has used video extensively to promote active listings and provide expert advice for potential clients. Placester was used to build the website. Plymouth Castle Hills team has a template for a real estate website. It also features a great logo and useful links in the main navigation.

Highlights from the website:

  • The company’s community pages provide a wealth information about local housing trends, attractions and schools.
  • A dedicated page for new homes highlights upcoming communities and building contractors in the area, promoting the Castle Hills team’s expertise and relationships in the new construction arena.

Alice Chin Team
Placester website by The Alice Chin team (built with our) began with a custom logo. Plymouth real estate website design) reveals a consistent, professional real estate brand. The Alice Chin Team has a team page that includes headshots and a list of members. They also have a blog where they share their expertise.

Highlights from the website:

  • An area page profiling Naperville highlights what makes the community special and shows visitors the most up to date listings in the town.
  • Alice provides a wealth of information for sellers. She includes tips on increasing curb appeal and what repairs you should make before you put your house up for sale.

Cotton & Company
Mary Cotton worked hard to build a brand that reflects her personality and approach. This is evident in her Placester website. Mary’s website features beautiful photos of home interiors, logos and fonts that are playful, as well as a professional headshot. It clearly explains who Mary is and how it feels to work with her. One of the best companies as part of the list to find Real Estate Brokers Near Me.

Highlights from the website:

  • Mary shares photos from fun neighborhood activities she’s hosted in her community.
  • Mary offers her perspective on the housing market statistics in her extensive blog.

Grove Realty
Grove Realty’s Placester website is an example of how interactive websites can be. Grove Realty offers a map that shows the area it serves, as well as a looping HTML5 video. Click on any region to be taken to a page dedicated to that area with pre-filtered listings.

Highlights from the website:

  • Grove Realty’s mission and services are highlighted in a personalized About Page.
  • The site includes area pages for six different communities that Grove Realty serves.

Tim Pierson Home Sales Team
Tim Pierson leverages extensive social proof to make his professional website (custom-designed by Brandco), a powerful tool for real estate branding. Tim uses badges to show his high customer ratings on Zillow, Angie’s List and his homepage hero picture. These proof points are supported by written testimonials as well as a video that showcases the satisfaction of his clients.

Highlights from the website:

  • Tim has created a sold listings page with a custom Google Map that includes homes bought and sold through his team.
  • Tim’s website includes an Events tab that promotes a variety events for clients, supporters, and movie nights.

White Line Realty
Your logo is the strongest representation of your real estate brand. Erik Saengerhausen used the custom logo to create his Placester website. Plymouth Real estate website design) to market his brand as a sophisticated and modern REALTOR(r). Erik also paired his logo with a memorable brand message that emphasizes the fact that real estate is not just about finding the perfect home but about creating the right lifestyle.

Highlights from the website:

  • Erik’s about page expands on his philosophy that buying a house means investing in a lifestyle.
  • Erik’s pop up lead capture forms include a customized message about the benefits to registering on his website.

The DT Team
Real estate is more than closing deals. It’s about creating relationships. Instead of focusing solely on his achievements or credentials, Donald “DT” Thomson’s website is powered by Placester and designed to tell a more personal story. The homepage welcome video explains Donald’s journey and his approach. Donald offers his own unique take on testimonials with humorous photos and enthusiastic client endorsements.

Highlights from the website:

  • The DT Team offers a buyer resources section with helpful advice for homebuyers on topics like deciding how much house you can afford.
  • The DT Team profiles each community they serve with an area page featuring images, descriptions, and listings.

Beach Life St. Augustine
If luxury coastal realty is your niche, customers expect you to look as great as the listings that you promote. With a customized Placester website, the Beach Life St. Augustine team surpasses all expectations. It features stunning imagery and plenty of content to appeal to buyers, sellers, investors, and everyone in between. One of the best companies as part of the list to find Real Estate Brokers Near Me.

Highlights from the website:

  • The Beach Life team’s website includes pre-filtered search pages for both homes and condos at a variety of price points.
  • The Beach Life team offers buyers a “before you start” page that provides a detailed overview of the home-buying process and sets expectations for the services they will receive.

The Cyr Team
Placester’s was the foundation. highland Cyr Team’s website template is REALTOR(r). It is a testimony to their expertise in the local market of West Chester. Jane Cyr and Vincent Cyr provide guides and videos about various real estate topics including housing market snapshots and the intricacies of home appraisals. Their website also features over 50 testimonials of happy customers.

Highlights from the website:

  • A videos page with tips from The Cyr Team about the importance of photographs and the value of staging your home.
  • Slideshow of The Cyr Team serving Greater Philadelphia.

Sisters Sell San Diego
Frankie and Danielle Hajj used Placester’s Chicago Theme to create a website about real estate that immediately reveals who and where they work. Every image in Frankie & Danielle’s custom homepage image slideshow links directly to a related page, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. They also use area pages to promote listings in the communities they serve.

Highlights from the website:

  • Frankie & Danielle created a page of sold listings with photos of all properties that they have closed.
  • The sisters have written plenty of blog posts with tips for both home buyers and current homeowners.

Dolly Lenz Real Estate

Dolly Lenz uses BrandCo’s unique and beautiful website design to promote her high-end company, which is located in New York City. Dolly’s homepage features a slideshow of high-resolution listing photos and a simple logo. It sets the tone for her brokerage immediately. A well-known authority in the real estate world, Dolly also promotes her status as a thought leader with pages devoted to her television appearances and magazine articles.

Highlights from the website:

  • Dolly’s website includes a page highlighting her speaking engagements at various conferences and events across the world.
  • Dolly allows prospects to “register”, which is what other brokers do. However, her language has been tailored to fit her brand and invites visitors to “subscribe”.

Coldwell Banker Success

Highlights from the website:

  • Coldwell Banker Success distinguishes themselves as a brokerage by promoting their expertise with veterans and active-duty military personnel.
  • A page dedicated to recruiting features is located on the website’s main menu. It highlights the many benefits of joining Coldwell Banker Success.

Lowell Lofts
John Callahan and his team decided not to try to be all things for all buyers or sellers. Instead, John Callahan has chosen to specialize in condos and loft homes in downtown Lowell, MA. John has established Lowell Lofts as a leader in his local market, from its website URL to its logo to pages of content that highlight the many benefits of loft-style living.

Highlights from the website:

  • Lowell Lofts offers a comprehensive FAQ page, with answers to some of the most common questions visitors have about buying and selling homes in downtown Lowell.
  • Visitors can access a “toolbox” page on the website that contains links and contact information for local service providers such as attorneys, home inspectors and electricians.

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