Questions that You Should Ask from an Online Learner?

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Online Learner

Only someone who has experience with online classes can guide you about online classes and hopefully answer your queries regarding the topic as well. So, if you want to learn more about online learning you can ask some queries to those who are taking online classes and are experienced.

These are the 10 questions that you should ask an online learner.

1. Ask About Their Skills?

Whenever you have a conversation with someone who is an online learner, the first question to ask them is about their skills and proficiency. You should ask them about the learning processes and how much they learned from online learning.

2. What are Their Favorite Learning Environments?

While asking an online learner a bunch of questions always ask about their preferred learning environment, by doing so you would get to know which environments are best for gaining knowledge while learning languages online

3. Anything Bad/Mishap Happened During E-Learning?

It is cardinally important to ask if any mishap happened during the duration of their online learning journey. If not, then great. If yes, then ask for more details about that mishap and how it happened. This knowledge will help you to stay out of trouble and also help you to stay alert.

4. What are Their Goals That They Want to Achieve?

Asking about the goals of someone who has experience in online learning would be of great help as their guidance would help you to decide about your goals as well. So, always ask about the goals whenever you get a chance to have a conversation with an E-Learner. 

5. Did They Ever Got Scammed?

The most important thing to ask an online learner is about scams and frauds because in today‚Äôs world, it is difficult to trust anyone especially online. So, ask this question and get to know about their journey.  

Especially, ask which websites and apps are genuine and which ones are fraudulent.

6.  If They Faced Any Obstacle in Online Learning?

During your chit chat with an online learner, you cannot never forget to ask if they had to face any difficulties during their online learning process. Ask about the experience of tutors as well.

7. Ask If They Get Time to Use Social Media?

You definitely need to ask this question because it would tell you if they get enough time to manage their social life or not. This is an important question to ask if you are looking up to joining the online learning department.

8. Are They Comfortable While Learning Online?

Being comfortable is pretty important in online learning because if someone does not have the required level of comfort while they are studying then it can be difficult to focus on studying and manage things altogether. 

9. How Is Their Experience with Online Classes and Learning?

It is very important to ask about the experience of the online learner because it would tell you so much about their journey and you would get to learn a lot of things. And it will help you to decide as well.

10. Are They Satisfied with Online Learning?

 If you get a chance to have a real conversation with an online learner and you ask them a lot of questions but not this one which gives you an insight on online learning, then what is the point of the whole conversation. Do ask them if they are satisfied or not with this learning.


10 questions that you should ask an online learner are explained and mentioned above. They can help you get clarity in your vision about online learning.

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