Best Mechanical Keyboard for Professionals

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Best Mechanical Keyboard for Professionals

Do you need a mechanical keyboard in your daily workflow? Perhaps not. It’s possible to complete your typing tasks using any keyboard. However, if you’re looking to have a the most comfortable, precise and satisfying typing experience, continue reading to find the top 10 mechanical keyboards.

Why Use a Mechanical Keyboard For Work?

If you work in an area which requires you to spend a lot of typing web development web design as well as IT and journalism are a few professions that meet the bill. Investing in a top-quality keyboard could result in a more efficient and enjoyable experience at work.

I’ve played with a variety of keyboards over the years such as generic $9.99 alternative keyboards standard keyboards that are free when you buy the latest desktop PC High-end gaming keyboards laptop keyboards ultra-portable wireless keyboards you know what you’re looking for. Mechanical keyboards have been my choice for the last three years. Here are a few reasons:

The pleasure of mechanical keyboards is that they offer a wonderful typing experience. Every stroke feels satisfying and powerful, in contrast to the typical dome-switch keyboard that feels soft. I am at my computer for 10-12 hours every day, which means investing money in my equipment will lead to increased comfort and productivity.

The speed and precision of an electronic keyboard produces some type of tactile feedback, which tells you that you’ve made the key correctly. Additionally, unlike dome-switch keys there is no requirement to press an entire key to the bottom (called “bottoming out”) to allow your keystroke to be registered. This means you can type at a higher speed as well as fewer typos especially when using a touchscreen.

High-quality build: Good mechanical keyboards are durable and sturdy capable of enduring the stress of your strokes for many years with no degradation in your typing experience. With dome-switch keyboardsthat depend on the softness of a silicone or rubber membranes, your typing experience can change as the keyboard becomes.

When you begin with a keyboard that is mechanical it’s difficult to return to a normal keyboard. I work on a laptop as my primary workstation however, I also have an electronic keyboard connected to it all the time. In addition even after 3 years of rigorous use, my favorite mechanical keyboard looks and feels identical to the day I bought it.

Lifehacker provides a helpful introduction to mechanical keyboards, which you must go through if you’re new to the technology of keyboards.

Drawbacks of Using a Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards don’t always work as they should. Here are a few reasons that may cause you to think twice about making the switch:

Cost: A high-quality mechanical keyboard is going to cost you between $80 and $300, which makes them much more expensive than standard keyboards. The majority of the options included in this post are between $100 and $160 range Three of them exceed $200.

Noise: You must be cautious about the kind of mechanical keyboard switch you decide to go to if you’re concerned about the noise. Mechanical keyboards are known for their noise. The volume of the noise will be an important factor when you work in an open space. Take a look at this short video from Techquickie’s Techquickie YouTube channel to help you make an informed decision regarding which keyboard would most suit your office environment. For more in-depth information check out this guide on Reddit. Keyboard Switch guides on Reddit.

Mechanical keyboards are heavy. They’re typically larger and heavier than normal keyboards.

Wires: A majority of excellent mechanical keyboards available on today’s market have wires. One mechanical keyboard in this list is wireless.

Not made for portability Due to the weight, size, and wires that are typical of a mechanical keyboard they’re easily carried around. You’ll not be capable of putting them in your laptop bag like wireless portable keyboards. If you’re constantly on the moving, frequently working in coffee shops that have tiny tables mechanical keyboards may not be the right choice for you.

The Best Mechanical Keyboards for Work

Mechanical keyboard technology is not that new. It gained traction because of the popularity of gaming on computers. Mechanical keyboards give gamers greater accuracy and speed of keystrokes as well as the endurance required to withstand the wear and tear caused by long gaming sessions.

However, modern mechanical keyboards aren’t only for gamers. They’re also great for developers, IT professionals, designers journalists, writers, and many others who carry out large quantities of computer-related work.

After hours of searching and a plethora of review sites , technical publications, writing articles, forums for mechanical keyboards and so on I was able to discover ten mechanical keyboards highly appreciated among users of the Internet community. In the beginning, I conducted this study for myself since I’ve been wanting to add a new mechanical keyboard in my arsenal. I thought I’d be sharing my findings hoping that it will assist someone else.

Aesthetically, my picks are fitting in professional environments, so don’t expect any multi-colored/rainbow backlighting, LED displays, and special keys for your macros. My recommendations for mechanical keyboards are minimalist and simple, demonstrating my preference for simple aesthetics, practical design and my requirements as an Web professional.

Please note that some of the links below utilize the Amazon Associate links. We earn some small percentage of the proceeds for purchases made using these hyperlinks. The prices listed below are based on the current prices as of the date the article was published. Actual prices could differ from those stated in the article.

Without further delay now, here is what I believe to be the best mechanical keyboards available for professionals:

1. Best All-Around Mechanical Keyboard: Das Keyboard

Das Keyboard Das Keyboard is probably the most well-known mechanical keyboard that is available.

In the past, they got lots of attention from tech publications like Tom’s Hardware (with an article entitled Possibly One of the Top Keyboards Ever), TechCrunch, and CNET in part due to their uniqueness. Das Keyboard Ultimate models, that don’t even have a label on their caps for keys:

The mechanical keyboards are developed in the hands of Metadot Corporation, a Texas-based open source software firm. The designers for the keyboard boast that gold-plated mechanical switch of Das Keyboard Das Keyboard are able to handle as much as fifty million keys!

2. The best Mechanical Keyboard for programmers CODE Mechanical Keyboard

Its CODE keyboard is a line of mechanical keyboards created with developers and programmers in mind. It features a clean simple design. The comfortable (and variable) lighting with white LEDs is perfect for those who frequently work working in dark, dim settings (such as servers rooms). Additionally the keyboard is able to change between three different keyboard layouts: QWERTY (the most common), Dvorak, or Colemak.

Its CODE keyboard was created through WASD Keyboards (producers of customizable mechanical keyboards) and Jeff Atwood. You might recognize Jeff Atwood as the founder of Stack Overflow as well as which is the Stack Exchange network, and as the creator of the programming blog Coding Horror. Take a look at his blog article about the CODE keyboard to gain an insider’s view of the keyboard’s beginnings.

3. Best Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard: KUL ES-87 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard

Keyed Up Labs (KUL) is a top firm that makes a range of highly-respected mechanical keyboards.

KUL specialises in tenkeyless keyboards that do not feature the traditional number pad found on the right side of the full-size keyboards.

Most of us don’t make use of numbers on the pad. Other than accountants or statisticians, cashiers, and people who often input numbers to their machines Most people can manage without a number pad.

The benefit of eliminating the unnecessary keys in this number pad creates more space on your desk, and it will decrease the distance that your right hand must move when you reach to your mouse.

4. Best Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: Rapoo KX Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are usually wired devices. However, not like the Rapoo KX though.

In addition to the obvious advantage of not having clutter from wires In addition, the Rapoo KX is also one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards I’ve seen with a price of 85 dollars. The keyboard is also smaller than many mechanical keyboards, making it possible to make the Rapoo KX potentially portable.

For a deeper analysis of this model, click here. Rapoo KX, watch the video review titled Wireless + Mechanical – Is This Real Life? on YouTube channel Unbox Therapy (which has over 2.6 million users). Also, take a look at the complete list of wireless mechanical keyboards available on Reddit for other wireless alternatives.

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